JFusion is ready for testing

JFusion is ready for testing. It connects them seamlessly, offering users one single sign-on for all their applications and platforms like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal allowing users to register and login across them seamlessly allowing a unified user experience across platforms allowing accessing identical content no matter which they use. One key feature of this version is being able to integrate multiple user databases onto one website meaning users can register/login at same website regardless of platform they are on allowing unified access no matter where it may reside no matter the source.

6 features improved support for various databases – MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite as well as external APIs are supported – along with an improved synchronization system which enables users to synchronize data across databases.

JFusion’s team has also enhanced its user management system to make managing users across multiple databases simpler, including improved support for user roles allowing administrators to assign different levels of access for different roles assigned. Version 6 additionally comes equipped with improved support for user profile fields.

JFusion 6 makes customizing user profiles easier by offering additional fields like an avatar and bio, along with easy log in integration and better support for multiple languages; plus improved search capability as well as the option for setting up multiple Joomla installations! Also new in this version are bug fixes and performance enhancements to further make integration across software applications even simpler! Overall this latest release of JFusion provides an ideal means of unifying them all under one user interface!

JFusion 1.6’s improved functionality, improved performance, and enhanced usability make it a must-have for those aiming to provide seamless user experiences across multiple apps.


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